Kilve towards East Quantoxhead sketch a day

A sketch a day

With the best intentions to sketch daily I often fall short. I have spurts of productivity but its difficult to maintain this when things get in the way or I'm not in the mood. 

Drawing helps to slow life down, makes us look and concentrate. The opposite of a quick snap on our amazing mobile phones. You will find plenty on the internet about the benefits of drawing, how it can improve mental health, cognitive development, to keeping alzheimer's at bay. 

As a designer I work well to briefs and set challenges.  So I challenge myself to upload a sketch a day, whether I like it or not for 3 months then review this. 

No idea how easy this will be to upload the images daily but I will have done them and will tackle the technical issues as I go. 

So here we go 


Jazz in the park


Kilve towards East Quantoxhead

Kive towards East Quantoxhead

Day 3

Oak tree boundary

Oak tree detail at home

Day 4

Kilterton parkland, Devon

Killerton Parkland, Devon

Day 5

King of the mountains, Dartmoor. Tour of Britain Cycle race.

Day 6

Spinster's Rock, near Chagford Devon

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